Maharajah Mascot from Air India

Maharajah Mascot from Air India

Maharajah Concept: Booby Kooka (Erstwhile Director, Air India)
Execution: Umesh Rao, J. Walter Thompson, 1946

Maharajah-mascot-from-Air-IndiaComposed in a typical red gown and white Chudidaars with wavy yellow borders, the first glance of this Maharajah would symbolize royalty. Maharaja is a symbol of high living, grace, dignity, naughtiness which has given him worldwide recognition. His creators gave him a very unique personality with an extra-large mustache, striped turban and a prominent curved nose.

Though, for its creators the form symbolizes an epitome of luxurious living, graciousness, hospitality. His first entry was on an Air India memo pad expressing Air India’s promotional messages to travelers in India. The global appeal has taken him to acquire different personalities in different countries. A pavement artist, a monk, a lover boy in Paris, a sumo wrestler in Tokyo, our Maharajah has played different roles successfully to become an international brand ambassador for Air India. The charm and the wit displayed by Maharajah with his oversize and arched up mustache gives a distinctive look.

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