Mascot Chintamani – The Icon of ICICI

Mascot Chintamani – The Icon of ICICI

One of the most successful ad campaigns in the field of insurance is that of the Chintamani ads by ICICI prudential.

Chintamani The Icon of ICICIMost of the ads in the insurance field were very serious which were more informational in nature. But ICICI was successful in bring humor into its ad campaigns and at the same time conveying the message successfully through its Chintamani character. Chintamani represented normal middle class Indian who has his tax and other worries related to saving. This character taught us how to invest money to live without “chinta” and only “money”. ICICI brand recall sored heights after this ad campaign.


Chintamani mascotChintamani The Icon for the insurance services for ICICI Prudential Bank in 2005. It was the year when the bank witnessed a brand recall of 92 percent according to AC Nielson’s Survey. The idea of having a claymation animated character worked wonderfully in the competitive insurance market. Chintamani, a middle-class, middle aged man was portrayed as a worried soul, engrossed in the search for beneficial money investments. His worries connected with the anxieties of middle-class section of India. Initially formulated for only radio spots, the popularity of Chintamani took him to face confront the Indian audience through television commercials too.


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