The Common Man of India- Character by R K Laxman

The Common Man of India- Character by R K Laxman

One of the most resplendent mascots... the black & white “Common Man” of Times of India.
Year of Conception : 1950
Creator : RK Laxman
He is credited with the creation of a cartoon which later went on to symbolize the common man of India.

common-man-of-indiaThe Common Man is an omnipresent witness to India’s social, political and economic themes, brought to light by Laxman as cartoon strip, “You Said It” printed on regular basis on the front page of the national daily, The Times of India. The Common Man has been the enduring messenger, passing on Laxman’s perspectives on many socio-political issues and events for more than fifty years now. The hope, courage and patience of the common man connects with the masses in bold strokes of black ink. As a mute spectator, the Common Man witnesses all kinds of views, issues and scenarios expressing silent humor

For over a half of a century, the Common Man has represented the hopes, aspirations, troubles and perhaps even foibles of the average Indian, through a daily cartoon strip.

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