The Mascot Gattu from Asian Paints

The Mascot Gattu from Asian Paints

Brand Endorsing :- Asian Paints
Description:- Gattu, the mischievous kid
Creator:- R.K. Laxman, 1954

gattu-asian-paintsGutsy Gattu was conceived by renowned cartoonist R.K. Laxman in 1954, when Asian Oil and Paint Company had a massive turnover of Rs. 3.5 lakhs. GATTU, the little Boy with wet Brush in hand happens to be the mascot / trade mark of Asian Paints in India…The impish figure of a street boy holding a paint brush in hand reminds of the corporate role of Asian Paints.

Effect: Gattu opened the world of colours for the masses of India. The image endows the magic of the paint-brush that adorns the walls of numerous homes and structures in India. Gattu vanished in 2006 when the company decided to capture more mass appeal especially in rural India.

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